I have been around horses all my life. Growing up in a house with a mother who was crazy for horses was good for me because I got my first horse Adonis when I was eight.  When I was twelve, my mother and I went to work at Camp Hitaga and worked there for most of my preteen and early teen years. In that time we worked with everything from ponies to draft horses. I learned to take care of many horses and to attend to their needs even when there were many more of them then there were of us, and to maintain a safe and happy environment for them and us.

I have always had a want and a need to know as much about horses as possible. I have been riding western for as long as I can remember, my mom and I then decided to learn driving, and in late October of 2010 I started learning to ride English and to show halter. I want to train horses, but not train them by trying to just throw the saddle on them. I want the horses I train to know what they’re doing and to be happy and healthy doing it. I hope to get into the show scene and to get my name out there as well as the stable that has been my dream and my mother’s dream for so long.