Pasture Boarding

There are several small pastures located on the property. They are surrounded by 3-rail wooden fences or poly electric fence, a heated outdoor waterer, and shelters.

Please contact us for pricing.

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Stall Boarding

There are 32 total stalls located in 3 separate, attached wings. There are:

• 13-10’x11’ stalls located in a 36’x60’ building (West Wing)
• 3-10’x15’ stalls with attached paddocks (Arena stalls)
• 1-20’x15’ stall with attached paddock (Arena foaling stall)
• 3-10’x15’ stalls without paddocks (Arena stalls)
• 12-12’x12’ stalls, most with rubber mats, in a 24’x144’ wing north of the indoor arena (Long isle stalls)

Each stall has solid 2’x6’ walls, electricity ran to each of the stalls, corner feed bins, and sufficient sawdust for absorption and cushion. Price includes grass/clover/timothy mix or grass/alfalfa mix hay, daily stall cleaning, bulk sawdust bedding and watering. Hilltop Ranch employees will feed your horse any grain you provide at no extra cost. There is an extra charge for Hilltop Ranch to provide the grain.

Please contact us for pricing.

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Boarding Agreement

Boarding Agreement – Training

Boarding Agreement – Traveling Horses